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The Armageddon Wine Bar

2010. Mixed media on old telephone table with homemade country wines

    From Friday Freeflow #4: Black Friday


    It’s run on potatoes!

   The military has lost all credibility. So has government and God in church. Our conquistadors don’t want gold, or even mass conversions to run off the charts. These Kansas-Nebraska psychos just want to watch little kids die. There are no ministers, priests, rabbis, or mullahs twittering a moral philosophy. No privates fresh out of training, realizing the madness, and fragging their keepers. Like the rosy-cheeked people of Ballstedt, Germany, celebrating Christmas a mile from the curious roasting smells of Buchenwald, we heartless zombies of Anytown, America pretend glee, while ignoring instant messages of mass murder by national representatives of our own flesh and blood. No, we cannot smell the charred remains of some seven-year-old Afghan boys picking up sticks on a mountainside. And we might live a happy day or two longer for it. Unlike the Germans of Ballstedt, however, enjoying the fruits of many battles won making toast of  the helpless, Americans will lose their Children’s Crusade by internal means, not a minute after their dollar compresses into the purchasing power of a Weimar penny.
   For those of you who at least wince upon hearing news of war crimes, stop by the wine bar for an aperitif, and we’ll share a hot potato before bedtime.


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