• Ron Throop

COVID Freeflow

Painting: "Hungry Mexican Kids and Earth Try to Choke a Capitalist With Tom Brady Jersey" 2017. Acrylic on Masonite® panel, 11 x 14"

A pressure has been building up inside me. I am tight like a spring-loaded mousetrap if the mousetrap was set by Zeus to snap the last cyclopes. It's an enormous head problem I have. Now a tick problem. I just got up to shave and discovered a tick stuck to my neck. Then one on my stomach. Then I went to the bathroom and inspected my under parts with a hand mirror. Lyme disease might have resulted from 1960s experiments to turn insects into bioweapons. These men (men, mind you) who inspired our present day hell of everything, some still living, most dead in the ground, breezed through life with steaks on Sundays and children dreaming. No one called them out, then or today, because one life is not long enough to take revenge on the guilty leaders of a social species hell bent on its own extinction. And one life alone is never enough, for it feels crazy to a society which ignores the reality of a hundred companies each with a thousand employees, and families and friends pretending sanity with these employees, who are responsible every second for 2056 locked and loaded thermonuclear mousetraps.

We have Lyme disease with no cure, nor do we seek a cure without first acquiring a bureaucratic apparatus to investigate the intricacies of the problem at hand—a committee, a chair person, Dr. Manstink to oversee the initial stages of planning, and the 100,000 people connected to his regularly and on-time deposited paycheck. We accept a future lethal radiation contamination of the earth's crust as if its host vectors were air molecules and not some power drunk 4-star General Underpants fortifying his engorged ego and prostate with hog grease. In the case of mutual self-destruction, (which is nuclear Armageddon), the insects are human and earth will scratch away its parasitic fleas. But not without a little visiting infectious disease hitting its systems first (radioactive isotopes), and the ensuing high grade fever (global warming). The sickness might be a prolonged one, but earth will recover and get its immunity. You can count on that.

This morning I read in the for-profit (yacht profit) gossip columns called headline news that there is a massive shortage of protective equipment among hospital employees greeting our microbe-infested family members at emergency room doors across the nation. Not enough masks, gloves, sterilizing lotions and sprays. And we are allowing our government leaders to walk freely? To not be threatened with community rage dark clouding their petty realities? Why do we free them to write and speak at us? No masks for nurses? The Governor instructs the people to follow the arbitrary law he declares. With a spray tan? Sitting like Zeus atop the corrupted apparatus we blindly sustain, he delivers life or death sentences to him and her, trained in coke and avarice, a lawyer among men, unable to defeat the virus he invited over in the first place. No more natural power than a lunatic claiming godship in an asylum. Yet we abide and abdicate.

Congresspeople out shopping for beach balls in their district Targets. Fourth of July picnics are popular and profitable during a pandemic. If it was war against a powerless nation, there would be enough bullets to stuff a star. These pathetic lawmakers can't even send us mesh masks in the mail, but the dirty political postcards arrive more regular than the mailman at election time. Yet we abide and abdicate.

The King of America, the President you either love or hate, but never use as a human mirror to reveal how unstable YOU are for investing so much emotion into another human being not your spouse, loved ones, and friends—this piddly-dink parasite that you give power to through fundamentalist biblical notions of the constitution written and signed by slavers and rapists in a time when women were holes to put something into to release more property—how does this creature still possess knees when his concentrated impotence literally kills people? The supposedly strongest individual living power on earth unable to deliver quarantined parents masks and hand lotion to their ongoing golden years bad dream? But he can send you and dead people a check for 1200 dollars to buy more billionaires?

There is not much time to live a life that will make a dent of difference to future life. The cycle starts all over again at the beginning. Sometimes with minimally improved mechanisms, but meaningless in a world we have set up to annihilate with a push-button arrogance.

Humans suck everything. The good ones patch holes made by the bad ones. Some think they help humans. Some claim they help the animals of earth. All eat from 7 ounce bags of potato chips or its equally gluttonous equivalent. I wager that all life, if asked to speak human for a day, would declare humans to be the worst species to ever happen in a geologic era. The pettiness we reach in just one life amazes me. A pandemic wrecks havoc on society and we still talk about elections and careers, and unemployment, and electric cars, and 10% off, and the American Heart Association, and my son signed up for the army, and late night TV show host live beside his sink with the lettuce in the drain catch, and my ZOOM meeting, where I set the flower in a pot behind me to my left.

I have only one solution to the present crisis and it won't fix the past nor comfort the future. It won't release my pressure or yours, and deer will still be dropping ticks like flies to inject our children with Lyme disease.

Tell someone that you are stupid today. Tell him or her that you're as dumb as a box of stupid rocks. How it is that you got so far in life to have shoes put on is more the miracle than a billionaire President eating out a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Admit that you're greasy stupid like the broken man systems that go bump in the night. No thing will care at all, but a deer in the woods might share a split second of satori with you. And that's the best any of us stupid humans will get back from an earth we have infected with us.

Stupid is as stupid does which is instant karma confirmation to the stupid we are. Keep caring which stupid leads the stupid, because it's all so stupid anyway. Let's vote in the mail and wait for the decision. The earth should stop turning to take a few seconds to bow to the stupid power that beats life down to death and still thinks it will get away with it.