• Ron Throop

Elon Musk is So Tough. I Wish I Had His Space Rocket

Painting title: On the Inside I Am the Perfect Radical. On the Outside I Shake My Rattle 2019. Acrylic on paper, 9 x 12 inches

30 million people out of work. Unemployment at 14.7%, on its way to 22% because crowded businesses were forced to close during a pandemic. The law says that worker bees Sara and John are unable to financially support their kids for the time being because the boss can't pay them because the boss can't open. They say crowded business is catalyst to the virus and kills people.

Sound logic to the super majority of humanity who don't identify as greedy needy capitalists.

However Elon Musk wants to continue his vicarious manufacture of Armageddon Matchbox® cars, so he's going to reopen his factory anyway, against the law, against the community, against his non-unionized desperate employees burdened with California rents, and the many life bills greedy needy capitalists impose on the people to upgrade their oligarchal lifestyles. He feels his children employees need father Elon to care for them, to make decisions that steer their simpler hopes and dreams. They need Daddy Musk for livelihood and protection.

What a cool ass Marlboro man! Givin' the finger to bureaucracy. We want us some of that Clint Eastwood tough. He'll make the people sick so we can buy into that fast money (lithium mining slavery) and save earth from ourselves. He'll show those punks in government!

Just like Donald Trump, Musk is liberating California and firing up his base of confederates. Look at that cool son of a bitch lighting up a fatty joint on the radio show, and blowing the smoke at another baby face. I bet he's got tattoos. Really expensive tough-looking tattoos. Like Charles Bronson biceps ripping a tight black t-shirt. He's gonna come bust up some desperate janitors and line workers coughing virus all over that sleek aluminum body.

That is the tough Elon Musk of his own mind. To earth proper he is just a child man. Arrest the child man. Attach his baby pucker face to his wife's other boob. These toddler oligarchs need to be spanked once and for all, before they sneak onto their little rockets and diaper up the solar system. Such delusional arrogance in a time of crisis and despair. I wish every pizza delivery sent to his billionaire compound has virus coughed all over the cheese.

A little extra punch from the urban Marlboro Man. The real feel of a man Elon Musk will never be: