• Ron Throop

End of the Line

I have uploaded a pdf of my book on the Throop patronym. It was a labor of love by the last man on earth to carry the name in this genealogical line. The male line. I painted the portraits of eleven grandfathers. From William the Puritan, to Ronald the Clown, and compiled my modest research along with the treasure trove left by my great grandfather Henry Throop. There is a lot of information packed in these pages. I had a font created in my father's handwriting, and every picture in the publication is significant. For instance on the front cover (above) is my 3X great grandfather, William Huntington Throop the Hops Farmer (1807 -1883), with granddaughter Kate Brownwell, and daughter-in-law Ludentia (Den) Throop. The photo on the back is of my father David Wells Throop the Talented (b. 1942) and his friend Dale canoeing on Morehouse Lake in the Adirondacks in 1955. (It's a safe upload. Peruse it, then trash it if you'd like. I will keep it up for a week or so. It's a $45 value, free for a limited time.

End of the Line 02.21.20 Kindle
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