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  • Ron Throop

Face of a Very Strange Man

This COVID season I have updated several of my publications and sent them for a second printing. Face of a Very Strange Man was my first book, finished in 1995. This was before the time of On Demand printing. It took me several years to save up the money and courage to bulk publish 200 books at some garage press in the boonies.

From the author:

"The Latin phrase Aut libri, aut liberi—Either books or children—has been the mantra of my adult life. I became a father just out of college, at a time when the cult of art possessed secrets as foreign to me as the daydreams of trees. More than anything in the world I wanted to join, to become a member in this secret society. Yet after a million words, a thousand tubes of chemical paints, and dead-end jobs just hovering above the ongoing poverty-by-minimum wage line, I made the raising of my children a number one priority—all expression kept waiting at a very close, oftentimes inclusive second. That is, the needs of my daughters became the "meaning and justification" of my art. This choice was made during tumultuous times raising my oldest daughter while working a dead end job as line cook in a rinky dink restaurant. Face of a Very Strange Man is a book about an artist "coming of age" in late 20th century America, seeking a path toward a life worth living, rather than succumbing to the failure of making a living to get through life.

Some pics:

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