• Ron Throop

Gaia Won't Forgive Us Anne Frank

Painting title from the Animal Defiance Series: Ghost Cow Says You Suck 2018. Acrylic on used linen dinner napkin, 12 x 12"

If you're at the Northern 43rd parallel, or above, and the sun is shining, step outside onto some ground cover, grass if you have it, and stick your nose down close.

Breathe deep.

Inhale and exhale the spring. Hear the silence. Feel the flight of birds.Taste the sky. My advice to you now, with a virus army on the loose, is an Anne Frank journal to write down your thoughts about life and non-existentialism. Anne Frank and Sartre are gone and so is freewill if you desire to live naturally, as squirrels and conifers do. There is a choice, but it is offered by Gaia, not man. Existentialists think man is something to be, as zealots of religion assume god is greater than star goo, and keeps a journal about men, rather than squirrels, conifers, or itself. Man is sooo interesting, but COVID is king right now, to be usurped in a decade by ocean acidification, heat indexes in Delhi, and the new kangaroo plague of the desert island Australia.

Fundamental philosophical change occurs as I write. Humankind waking up helpless to natural life outside of what comfort it can bring through stories of vaccine research and Netflix binge-watching. The choice is clear on a clear day. We can love life like the hope of Anne Frank and be modest, innocent youth to our desires (and the needs to all species), or we can walk about town like a proper existentialist, stomping over the scentless grass on our way to the man parade.

COVID and Hitler can care less. Both will waste you when they come knocking.

And if it isn't the microbe or the misanthrope, it will be Gaia, impatiently tapping the shoulder of the generalissimo because fear of man told him to unleash nuclear Armageddon. But it was just Gaia egging him on. You would too if you were nature watching mankind elevate killers like Elon Musk and Donald Trump, while discounting the future of its own Anne Frank progeny.

Piss on Sartre. He left you mental slavery in a man's world. Love ardently on Anne Frank. She left lessons on freedom to help you cope during a pandemic.

Side advice: Take from the shelf philosophical books not embossed with the Anne Frank seal of approval and toss them in the campfire at your next social distancing party. How many spring times have you wasted without reading the words "happy", "content", "joyful"?

I admit I have only an elementary school kid's knowledge of the story of Anne Frank. She was cornered in an attic with her dear family for two years and journaled her experience amid terror of being discovered by the human hunters. She did this with a youthful energy and positivity during a brutal occupation to shame us all sitting on our couches in pajama woe complaining about Dorito® supply chains and a reality TV President.

Last night I walked along the shoreline of Lake Ontario, as I do each day while Gaia calls out portents from its atmospheric sky pulpit. I was thinking on Anne Frank and her final years juxtaposed by the petty fears we have today. Pandemics happened in her time. Penicillin was a brand new miracle, but it wouldn't kill another Spanish Flu. Her family was home in an attic while many of your ancestors complained about rationing butter. The humans didn't learn a thing from the First World War, so Gaia gave them a world flu to think about.

No change. Progress!

Anne Frank and Sartre's contemporaries took civilian murder a step further during World War II, and if that weren't enough, devised a Manhattan Project to wound Gaia for all the love she gave letting the humans live on her back skin.

Even that wouldn't do.

The story of Anne Frank has been told to the children, and the adults feed the children television cartoons about hot dogs being the penises of professional basketball team players. They pimp World War II video games about killing being okay as long as Tommy is the good guy, but not always, wink-wink. Presidents grab Anne Franks by their pussies and Presidential candidates finger rape Anne Franks starting out on their career paths. Our would-be Sartres wont for university subsidies in order to have an original, life-saving thought. This morning intellectuals worldwide are posting pictures of their cats on Facebook.

And Anne Frank?

The only savior Gaia says we need. The embodiment of humility in crisis. Turn off your damn media! The humans don't know how to habituate themselves to nature. We do not control life beyond ending some of it. We taketh away, always. Our affiliation to Gaia, barring the arrogant, ignorant power we possess, is humility. Obtain a journal and write down spring joy like a fifteen year old girl dreaming in the prime of her own life beginning. Sartre never knew that kind of happiness, that longing. And you'll never know it again if you give it up to the little pissers pretending to be more powerful than innocence. Set yourself free from the forced isolation of cynicism. Figuratively kill these fuckers that would take Anne Frank's life away. They are the only evil that has ever been.

And it is human-made.

Then maybe Gaia might forgive us another generation or two.