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  • Ron Throop

Happy Lights Just Treat the Symptoms of CLD: Corrupt Legislature Disorder

For the Man Who has Everything—A Registered® Happy Light! 2018. Acrylic on canvas, 16 x 20"

Watching how our Congress® people rearrange the crumbs on the House® and Senate® floors (Assembly® and Senate® too of my state), it’s no small wonder how we refrain from openly shaming them in the streets.

Does John Katko (NY-24) know the exact amount of tax money it costs his constituents to build, float, maintain and house a naval supercarrier (not counting the unforeseen cost of detonating its cargo and ending life on earth)? Could he break it down, let’s say, in an afternoon, and by evening tweet to the voters the reason why he chooses to aid and support a gigantic relic of obsolete war, and not provide instead the best 24-hour care to our ailing mothers and fathers (with our own money)? Does the Harry S. Truman truly need a Coca-Cola fountain for pimply faced high school underachievers, who cannot with all their concentrated thought power, realize that the first battle they engage in will be the end of the world as we ALL know it? Does Mr. Katko think that our subconscious can ignore the sinister naming of a nuclear warship after the only sentient being ever to order the atomic annihilation of his own species’ babies playing in their cribs?

No. Not at all. Because Mr. Katko does not think. And my local media men and women do not ask him questions to make him think. He can lie about tax reform that he understands no better than you or me, so he can make his $174,000 per annum. Hot damn! That’s some sweet pay to be completely ignorant of economics. Oh well. The media players just want their fair share as well. Someday to reach six figures too, but only if they never ask a question outside the box of what big media tells them to ask.

I dare for a dollar my local WRVO® radio to corner Katko with a simple question:

Heading to 6 Figures With a Registered® Happy Light 2018. Acrylic on canvas, 12 x 12"

How much does it cost per annum to operate a nuclear aircraft carrier?

And the potential follow-ups are too many to mention. Even the most sycophantic recent journalism grad could pick from that enormous grab-bag of infinite contradiction.

I believe the only viable answer a swindler in Congress® should provide is this, verbatim:

I do not know. I just don’t know, I have stolen your dignity, your pride, your patriotism, and love of country. I have helped make my nation needy and confused and wanting for Happy Lights® because plain and simple, I just don’t know! But holy Jesus, think of that pension! That glorious six figure pension pay while living out my last days on a socialist’s retirement agenda, always able to afford the doctor, the pills, the surgery, the rent, the car, the club; just anything at all I want or desire. And the Happy Light® shines 24/7 in my Florida room. These days my wife openly despises me, my neighbors talk behind my back, my children and grandchildren burn in the glow of their own sufferings of CLD: Corrupt Legislature Disorder. They never had it as easy as me nor the Armageddon workings of a modern aircraft carrier. I never wanted their bright future. I never wanted anything that I couldn’t have for myself first.

Hey WRVO® this just in: Your great father station, NPR®, is talk radioing about the massive explosion of a munitions ship off the coast of Halifax in 1917. Why ask about the now nuclear-ready Harry S. Truman out on patrol along coastal Virginia plain broiling all present and future denizens of planet earth? Why ask anything ever when you can figure that glorious pension with your eyes closed day after night beside the conscience-clearing Happy Light®?

Throop for Congress® in 2018. I’ll take one year’s salary of a two-year term which I will not reapply for. That means no potential pension at your expense, and the inevitability of smashing my blue light to martyrdom! Maybe yours too.

If that isn’t local news WRVO®, then you must be the spawn of our crooked politics, and also a sham of the 4th Estate.

Ask the damn questions!

Saint Happy Light 2018. Acrylic on wood, 18 x 18"

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