• Ron Throop

I Have a Solution to the Looming New York Debt Crisis

Painting: "Dow Jones Industrial Average, December 29, 1978" 2018. Acrylic on canvas, 36 x 37"

I have kept myself quite calm during the virus crisis, as I have watched crafty craven leaders pretend to control with the authority which no wild virus abdicates to mankind. Trump's words, like all Presidents in differing situations, have killed a lot of people. However, his are the most sincerely ignorant—lies if they need to be, but truths in his own head sometimes, like a certifiable lunatic. Trump, and many other patriotically correct hyper-capitalists exist because large groups (citizens) are very light in moral weight and capacity. Trump remains because he and those around him, have not yet come to fear, with running screams and waving arms, the American people. Thus far we have not followed the virus's lead to break the control of this vile old man who exhorts power over others. Enormous, worldly power, with all the weaknesses of a single human being.

Sure, Americans are ready with a string of tough words, shock, humor, sometimes enough cynicism to bring a child's birthday party to tears. But no fight. Not even pots and pans in the street. Americans just waiting to be told what to do by the capitalist strong men. The type to have foot sex with teenagers and hang themselves in jail cells with the help of Prince Andrew and the CIA. 4 billion people have collaborated with the latest virus, sent by Gaia to show mankind how easy it is to cut emissions. Half of humanity laying low to separate the vinegar from the piss of these codgers, and believe me, it's working. This killer virus is terrifying shriveled up old Mike Bloomberg and equally shriveled up CIA. Nobody is relevant anymore! Not Don Trump, not Taylor Swift, not CBS news.Took a freaking microbe to do in days what millions of people could never accomplish, even with the whine machine turned up full blast.

Now I read on the Internet media market that Andrew Cuomo says New York people will have to make up a 10 billion dollar deficit after he gets his trooper chopper back from temporary storage. Which means austerity to the forlorn. Austerity is a World Bank euphemism for "take out your own species at the knees".

Half the human world putting pause on climate change. Northern Indians seeing the Himalayas for the first time in 50 years. Millions, billions of flying creatures looking down and about, "Where the hell are the people?", they chirp, they buzz, they thank Gaia with their wings locked together in prayer. Half the human world on lockdown, taking away their everyday lives voluntarily because real power has shown its force.

Eminent domain is a policy of government taking the right to expropriate private property from individuals for the public good. Several years ago, my home town confiscated the apple orchard from a three generation farm family to build a Walmart and Barnes and Noble book store. They paid the living farmer "market value" against his will, and the cash trade was not a fair one, as any apple will tell you.

Mike Bloomberg is a New York billionaire of the lowest class. Morally he is bankrupt. However, like Trump and Andrew Cuomo, he is able to take power because the moral is anathema to the capitalist system. We easily imagine the mass brainwashing of North Koreans. Group think, which builds the strongest racism and xenophobia, assumes arrogantly its own oneupmanship. Americans would never dream that they are massively duped through brainwashing, just under a system with another name. The populace is trained to think that one simple man, Andrew Cuomo, can tell us how we must suffer in order for his power to remain.

Mike Bloomberg has investments, properties, and liquid wealth worth up to 70 billion dollars. He is the ninth richest person in the world. He is a New Yorker. He is a private individual. The public good is an erasure of a 10 billion dollar debt.

I have solved the debt crisis for New York. We (not Andrew Cuomo) take 10 billion dollars worth of Bloomberg assets and replace them with its equal in apples.

We'll have our season without pies, but it will be more American than baseball or sucking up to the false power of greed, the latter which has become our new national pastime.