• Ron Throop

I Killed Facebook and Twitter, But Retain Instagram for the Pretty Pictures

Painting: "Fun Day at Disenfranchisement Beach" 2017. Acrylic on press cleaning sheet, 9 x 16"

Here we go again! A new Presidential election cycle, when I must leave social media to rescue my sanity. A host of seemingly sensitive people have poured acid on reason revealing little black balls of vile rot, ignorant of rational political and philosophical foundations. During a pandemic no less! Politics of a pandemic. Nothing has changed from pre-coronavirus. The same exact tabloid idiocy. Adorable governor! Trickle down economics Democratic nominee! Mafia dink, white supremacist President! Give that sexy Cuomo a prime time TV slot to talk about love and gentleness and kindness. He is the toast of the town stacking up body bags in refrigerated trucks! Leaders literally killing us with their incompetence. Now every one quick—pick your side. Who's it gonna be for president? The white-haired rapist or the orange-haired rapist? One of them will become your savior because you fear your damn shadow more than a killer plague coughing out the mouth of your mother. Hamsters could fill leader positions for all the value you expect from allegiance. Hamsters and some gifted gerbils.

My lord, 38 million unemployed in the U.S.? The worst job losses by millions in the history of jobs existing. 25 million more uninsured. Sickness and death piling up like fossil fuel stock portfolios. Sewing face masks out of old socks and t-shirts. Little stimulus checks, Viagra pills, to erect another statue of ignorance in your front yard. Go buy something to save the Chinese economy, or take that long-awaited trip to Tuscany to eat fish cooked right while villagers moan in grief their beloved elders dead from your ignorance.

You have one day to save your soul. Whatcha gonna do Lance Link?