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  • Ron Throop

Look What Trump Has Done to You

Painting: “At a Punky Reggae Party in 1976, Donald Trump Dreamed of Being an Old Man Ruining Everybody’s Happiness” 2016. Acrylic on canvas, 12 x 12"

I will write a sad song for you now.

Play it in the key of K for “know thy enemy”.

“Look what Trump has done to you.

Got you looking out the door

at black is bad and white is good

the roofer wears a pointy hood

as the banker did before

You’re fearing all the gentle

and the racist calls a race

children make you tremble

while antifa assemble

at a party coed place

Look what Trump has done to you

feeding you a polished bone

a billionaire molester

let your hate out from sequester

and mistrust your very own

Even mom’s a commi liberal

though she made you in a room

with some uninsured republican

Goldwater rumplestiltskin

teeny harbinger of doom

I don’t want these rhyming words

to bring some feeling to the fore

Trump just means that you’re a bigot

a segregationist rust spigot

pouring at the Walmart store.”

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