• Ron Throop

The GOP® Death Cult

[I wrote this two years ago while running for Congress against lobbyist stooge John Katko. If he wins the November election (2020), for all the deep social harm he has caused NY-24, either through negligence or votes on policy directly harming district friends and families, then I believe this nation-state has officially become cuckoo, and I will retire to the hermitage guilt-free about my efforts to nurture society.

Please vote for Dana Balter if dystopia is to become a sour memory, and not the reality greedy and lazy sychophants of government are steering us into blindly.]

Title to the painting: B.B. Gunslinger Says, "Thank Your Local Congressperson for the Following Stat: American 15 to 19 Year Olds are 8,200% More Likely to Die From Gun Violence Than Children in Other Developed Nations" 2018. Acrylic on paper, 12 x 16"

I recently finished a book by Noam Chomsky, Who Rules the World?, in which he declares the U.S. Republican Party® to be the most dangerous threat to life on earth. According to Noam, two things are gonna get us in the end— nuclear weapons and climate change. The Republicans® under Donald Trump are tightening the odds for 21st century Armageddon at a good clip. As always Chomsky gives well-cited examples, and anyone who is an adult in the room would do a service to his or her progeny by first, reading it, and then harangue-shaming day and night any elected federal employee taking money from avarice to hold a locked and loaded weapon to his or her constituency. This recent massacre in Parkland, Florida acts as a lessor cautionary tale to expose what must be the worst system ever developed in the history of the universe. I believe the American experiment is going to get us all killed. We have a tragedy where 17 people in a school are murdered by a teenager fingering a weapon that only a soldier should carry in a past world, before drone warfare, when forests were still fair game for little boys to shoot each other’s heads off, and yet we are debating the issue of gun control. Even my WWII fighting Grandfather Ronald, the most conservative conservative in a Throop 20th century, would be aghast at the level of 2nd Amendment stupidity reached thus far in the America consciousness. Likewise, back in ,51, he was boiling hot mad about U.S. presence on the Korean Peninsula. So is Kim Jong-un. But not our President®, most of Washington, and all the established media—probably not even any of my friends—it’s the old normal, and our head-of-state vocalizes a final nuclear soiree to top off the end of days to honor the evangelical psychopaths who tramp our society as the greatest zombie hypocrites of humankind. After further knowledge of 1950’s atomic warfare capabilities, my Grandfather would call anyone suggesting nuclear 1st strike a domestic enemy. I don’t think he ever read Joseph Heller’s Catch-22. In it, Yossarian declares to a buddy that “the enemy is anybody who’s going to get you killed, no matter which side he is on”. That is why Grandpa Ronald shot Germans. Personally, I believe he was a pawn of his time to do the shooting, when both his Congress® and President® had workable trigger fingers, but that’s a topic for another day and an actual moral belief system. Nobody likes to take a bullet, neither for global domination of the super-wealthy, nor from a child with a big gun shooting at children in a child’s hallway. The threat of nuclear 1st strike anywhere in an atmosphere is a threat to all life on earth. A nation just holding the weapons “locked and loaded” is already experiencing mass-psychosis. Therefore, the federal government, presently run by the Republican Party®, is domestic enemy #1. Any Democratic Party® member not crying (and voting) “foul”, is also guilty of premeditated mass murder. The threat was made, and the banks still opened on Monday. If you disagree with my logic, then point to where the ready-to-launch thermo-nuclear warhead is near you, and cite the 9-1-1 call made to 1st responders to prevent your family’s immediate liquidation. See? You can’t. Start shaming. We stand at ready to be completely annihilated while crazy people with AR-15’s in high schools pick off the most vulnerable. My Congressman® John Katko (NY-24) allows this to happen while drinking Kool Aid® (monetary donations from the NRA®). I think psychopath Twitter® celebrity John Cusack coined the term “GOP Death Cult”. I can’t wipe the phrase off my lips. It is the perfect campaign issue. End the GOP Death Cult! It speaks a profound truth, from out of the mouths of babes and village idiots like Ron Throop and John Cusak. The children are doing their part to begin the necessary and incessant hard shaming of their stupid, self-serving, western, high-priviledged pretend parents. The village idiots are painting pictures for now, while the GOP® Death Cult whimpers its old, greedy, white man death song. It has lost. It will die out very soon. There just aren’t enough wannabe human killers out there to drink the NRA® Kool Aid® any longer. One killing machine down. One nuclear insanity to go.