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  • Ron Throop

There is No Revolution Tax Babies

Painting: "I Think I Like Revolution. I Do not Think Ours Will Be Orange" 2020. Acrylic on linen, 12 x 16"

"When I converse with the freest of my neighbors, I perceive that, whatever they may say about the magnitude and seriousness of the question, and their regard for public tranquility, the long and short of the matter is, that they cannot spare the protection of the existing government, and they dread the consequences of disobedience to it to their property and families. For my own part, I should not like to think that I ever rely on the protection of the State. But, if I deny the authority of the State when it presents its tax-bill, it will soon take and waste all my property, and so harass me and my children without end."

—Henry Thoreau from Resistance to Civil Government

The arrival of warm spring and the persistence of the hot virus has got me feeling more than ever the impotent revolutionary. Last night I walked along the lakeside with my wife for the thousandth time, but with a first time feeling of absolute freedom from being down so low, wound so tight, and shot like a bullet into the sky. The liberty is in the fall, free of pent up aggression, no longer a threat. Political satori, if there is such a thing. Finally, after so many years of wasted words and worry, I see clearly that a collective goal of justice utopia will never be reached in this thoroughly corrupt State. Americans, myself included, have forgone the experiment of liberty for the efficiency of online delivery. Unfortunately, many think that our consumerism and the federal and state governmental systems go hand in hand. Pay your tax for an aircraft carrier and you can have many niceties under the sun, like scented Charmin® 3-ply toilet paper and the Bill of Rights. My neighbors are okay that any pimpled nineteen year old assassin can knock on every third Middle Eastern door and blow the face off an old man or grandmother. Some might complain or even protest, and with empty hope, can vote some stranger millionaire into power to fix those uncomfortable contradictions that often haunt sensitive people. Unfortunately many of these gentle Americans retain the racism of the Founding Racists, and hold onto an 18th century Constitution of lofty words backed by the force of cash crop police overseeing three-fifths persons in a field. Today we are even less of a cut of that person pie. If myself or neighbor Joe are even one thirty-second, I'd be surprised. We are not free, not liberated. Many of you, especially the boys in $42,000 pick up trucks, are locked and loaded so tight, that a child's "boo!" might be the last words that child ever utters.

For those who are still confused about words like "the State", "freedom", or "liberty", let's go back barely 24 hours and watch the video from a bystander witnessing a policeman press his knee onto the neck of a man until dead. People went to the precinct to protest because this common exercise is rapidly burning off pounds of black people in our society. Police dressed in riot gear met the angry crowd of citizens and launched tear gas into their eyes and up their noses.

That the people did not press on in waves toward their armed servants, disarm and disband them immediately, and commit to a lifetime of private anarchy, provides another fine example to why I am freed of this society.

I urge any sane person to undo this government by releasing him or herself from it. Morality is dead and gone. Some may long to practice Dr. Frankenstein experiments on its return. But to no avail. We are killers of innocents, licking ice cream, looking up at the sky for SpaceX, while standing in fresh blood pools from the slaughter of innocents. We allow police to press the necks of people until dead. We are done like a fork in the ass of Bobby's barbecue crap meat.

Still, I opt for solutions whenever possible. I wrote about a sure-fire life-saving technique in my book Moonlight in Ground Spruce Woods. You can have it for free if you promise to read it.

Poor is Power to the People

Now how should we behave toward our distant, far away leaders? Our government torturers in Washington stuff bananas up the holes of suspected criminals. It should be time now, don't you think, to torture our government? Nobody wants to get caught disobeying our parents, the scout leader, the shop teacher... We know that after having all that "against the rules" fun, the principal awaits us in his office to act stern and grave and perversely sadistic. Scary thought, torturing authority. All the money and power is on its side.

What tortures governments?

Easy. A massive constituent rise in monetary impotence. Citizen withdrawal. Limp spending. The majority population can opt to live below the poverty line for their remaining years on earth, and our government reluctantly supports its black sheep flock.

Multiple millions cashing EIC checks for their childish transgressions of ease and contentment. No more budget with your name on a bomb. Once poverty is yours again, all worry and complaint about government behavior turns into gossip. And if the political landscape gets darker because your potential brothers and sisters in poverty were too terrified to forego cable television for nirvana, the principal might deserve a powerful smoke bomb to detonate when he stops by the classroom to challenge your soul.

Maybe just a cold cock will do.

True, no puny (however wonderful) life alone will shield the blows of government super-power paranoia. "They have vays of getting view to talk." A fruit-stuffed colon being one of them. Pushed up by the scaredy-cat stoolies of a faceless bureaucracy, who make tearful oaths to constitutions, yet obey the rhetoric whims of political millionaires and their old men general mercenaries, the latter who disguise prostate agony with attractive medals and decal stripes forged and sewn by the lucky poor of China.

No. Human beings will never en masse to voluntarily choose poverty. The innocent and determined few can and should, if only for the joy of temporary sanity. The poor are not guilty of torture, pollution, injustice, nor even the contemporary poopy scat culture melting our brains. Only the most overtly evil leader would electrocute his nation's children for the innocent crime of poverty. Unless of course some of these unfortunate brats of bad taste are Jewish, Muslim, dark-skinned, or in any way cumbersome and blocking the path of prosperity for the caretakers of their glorious governments.

It is time for the wise to get quiet and poor.

Poor and unseen. Pretend timidity and anonymity and torture your government inconspicuously.

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