• Ron Throop

Twitter was Hell For Me Until This Morning

Painting: "Dick Cheney Doing His 'Clean Air Act' in Pretend Hell" 2015. Acrylic on canvas, 108 x 52"

Angela Walker, Green Party candidate for Vice President, has followed me on Twitter®. It will be tough, I know, informing and entertaining political royalty, along with my other 3 followers. I swear to always do my best, and upload original content that an informed American would be proud of, but likely ignore because Joe Biden and Donald Trump provide better theater in Hell. Their squabbles matter most during an arctic heat wave pandemic documentary about no Medicare for all coming to empty theaters this summer!

I followed Angela Walker and Howie Hawkins on Twitter® because I have experienced the psychological pressures common to nice people who campaign for federal office. (I ran for U.S. Congress in 2018 in front of my cat and a whole squadron of thought police, AKA: my friends and family). And I am a coward. To imagine Hawkins and Walker’s daily obstacles with media and mean people makes me figuratively want to hide under my bed for the rest of my life.

I wish for their continued success as moral alternative to Hell. I so admire their fortitude, especially in this time of political insanity. Everyone should know by now (but no one seems to care) that Donald Trump is crazypants dangerous, and Joe Biden more Republican in policy than a cognizant Ronald Reagan. I think he's kind of mean too. Anyone is mean who, with power, would allow our elders to finish disgracefully in for profit institutions, yet regularly update the supply of (bigotly named) Tomahawk cruise missiles to inevitably melt all care facilities on earth. Biden and Trump support the slow-torture of our grandmas and grandpas with hard floors, black mold, Jello® cups and bad smells, and set neighbor against neighbor to blame each other's Presidential candidate why this is so.

It made my day to make a new Twitter friend. I am thrilled that she is a candidate for Vice President. If you are without representation at the ballot box of any nation, then you live in a state of fear and compliance to other people's conceptions of society. I neither understand nor trust the institutions generating our present day national dysfunction. Yet I strongly support the candidacies of Angela Walker and Howie Hawkins to set society toward a sustainable sanity.