From Friday Freeflow, March 19, 2021:

Preemptive Victory and Concession Speech

  Election day is drawing near. I write to release my victory and concession speeches now, before next Wednesday (more likely later on in election week or thereafter), when we learn if the nation voted to end the dangerous embarrassment that is Donald Trump and his trickle down stream of drooling Republican sycophants. I also write to thank the people of New York District 48, who found the time to research an “unofficial” candidate for the Senate position. People who dream a better world seek true pathways to plant their feet. Without you there could be no write-in candidate Ron Throop. I just kept peeking out the door, waiting for another dreamer to take up the torch. Nobody. So I hit the road with eager, impatient feet. It’s true, any one of you could make an effort to unseat an unprincipled politician. I hope my candidacy has inspired others to run for office. Especially the young. Many sensitive 18-year olds would have been strong applicants for this Senate seat. If there was ever a time for institutional ageism, it is now. I’ll be dead when Miami is under water. But my grandchildren will be ocean side vacationing in Orlando.
  I want you to sense the honor it is to know that another human being wrote your name into a tiny box on a secret ballot. Each time I feel an invisible wave of humility cresting through my chest. Instant political karma. Some of you have posted an image of your ballot and vote on social media. It makes my finger tips tingle and my head bow down noticeably. Not pride. Not at all. More like feelings of intense camaraderie and communion, and a daunting anticipation of responsibility to others. Religious-like, even to a non-believer like myself.
  Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart, where peace and equilibrium take pains to reside.
  First and foremost, this election has taught me how fervently I need to change my way of thinking. Justice in the modern world cannot happen in your head. The ancients bared the claim that no one can fix the trouble with the world before coming to terms with the self. Religious texts touting raptures out the ears, and if you didn’t heed by sutra or scripture, something real bad was gonna happen—from negative karma sending you a spot on the lung, to nasty gods delivering assassins to smite all the children whom you love. Authoritative, supernatural threats kept the majority in line before the rise of the physical sciences and history like the Holocaust and atom bomb became open sourced. However, nowadays, no amount of personal satori (selfish justification) will stop melting glaciers and electing self-serving sociopaths to power. The latter have dumbed down our hopes and dreams so much that, in 2020, during a deadly pandemic, the sitting President of the United States runs for re-election on a promise to “Make America Hate Again”. Waiting in line for their loyalty handout are the army of down ballot sycophants like Senator Ritchie who would ride his horse’s ass tail to keep her $110,000 a year socialist job with benefits not offered to the constituency that pays her salary. Any human being with working senses could walk through Ogdensburg poverty this afternoon to see a world gone horribly wrong.    
  The tragedy of our state and nation is that there is a 99.9% chance the people of Ogdensburg will elect the same Senator who has dragged their city down with bogus legislation, and been re-elected 4 times!  Well, at least she pointed to where the free milk was while unemployment skyrocketed and personal contentment plummeted. And she wore her mask in photos holding a ceremonial shovel and praising the next start-up business that will never thrive in a cursed political world, one that allows neighbors to suffer from want of basic needs. Senator Ritchie is the Dunkin’ Donuts candidate. The regular ostriches line up at the drive thru for their $4 cup of chocolate coffee. And they vote to keep this repetition because it makes them artificially-flavored high on arrogant ignorance.
  I never had illusions about victory for a pandemic grass roots write-in campaign. There was no choice on the ballot, no organized alternative to a do-nothing legislator. I made myself available, and many of you shared my voice. Today Senator Ritchie, who has a platform that should reach over 300,000 people, told all and sundry on social media that a very old person died. Imagine that? The oldest person in New York (over a 113 years!), died a natural death yesterday. That’s some kick-butt coffee-talk! Got a break room near you to gossip out this factoid? Probably not, since unemployment in New York has tripled since 2019, and most break rooms are closed for coronavirus. But you don’t need to know that. Not from your Senator. She’s there to tell you when to wave the flag and send your thoughts and prayers to a stranger who got famous being old. Six days out from the election of our lives and this is the news from our State Senator.  
  This year, true election results will come late to my campaign. Victory will be noted when any Democrat, Progressive, Green, or Independent citizen (preferably young and eager for experience) petitions for the ballot in spring and summer of 2022. The 48th should be ashamed that the democracy we claim provided just one official candidate to mark your “x” beside this year.
   Did we win?
   Of course!
   How many votes did we get?
   If we got ten, then that was enough. I’m looking for friends to kickstart a revolution, not mirror the greedy party politics to further weaken our human bond.
Thank you for the vote! believe me, it wasn’t wasted for either of us!